Canada’s Double Portion is coming to Esterhazy


Canada’s Double Portion will be in concert at Esterhazy Baptist Church on Saturday, May 7, at 6 pm (715 Babyak St, Esterhazy). Admission is free and there will be a love offering received.

Canada’s Double Portion from North Battleford, SK is a unique group in many ways. This 5 piece Gospel band is made up of entirely one family including parents Duncan & Debbie Hemmerling and 9 of their 10 children. Juggling homework and musical instruments is a daily routine for the Hemmerling children. They trade in riding the school bus for riding across the country in Canada’s Double Portion tour bus for almost half the year.

Canada’s Double Portion was nominated for Group of the Year in 2013 & 2014 and their new CD “Days and Times” produced in Nashville by Gordon Mote has received 3 awards with Gospel Music Association Canada. Their song “Just in Time”, “What I’ve Learned So Far” and “Your Love” were awarded in the Country/Bluegrass and Southern Gospel Song of the Year categories.

Their web page is: and has some more information and photos.

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