We need a Registered Nurse at St. Anthony’s – Job available


As the people of Esterhazy and the surrounding communities continue to raise funds towards the St. Anthony’s Hospital Building Fund, it is easy to think of the project only in terms of the completed new facility.

However, we must not forget that there are many pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of health care in this area, and each piece is essential in creating the final picture.

We all want a shiny new facility, with up-to-date equipment and all the amenities,  BUT… it is no use having such a facility if we don’t also have the doctors and nurses and ancillary staff to operate it. If we don’t have the personnel in place, our case to have a new building looks weaker.

That is why we must ALL band together in helping to fill a vitally important vacancy that now exists at St. Anthony’s. We urgently need a Registered Nurse, preferably with Emergency Room experience. While this position remains vacant not only does it potentially create greater stress on the current staff, but it also potentially impacts the efficiency of health care now, and the strength of our case to get a future announcement regarding the new hospital we all want to see.

So, it is time to get networking people. Who do you know who might fit the bill? It does not matter if they are not located here at the moment, just ask who do you know? And then, when you have a name, contact them, invite them to see the advert either below or in the Esterhazy Jobs section.

Put the word out like crazy. Go back into our facebook and share the heck out of the posting. The wider we cast the net the sooner we will attract and secure the person we so urgently need.

So, while you are thinking about sharing this need, here is the job advert. It also has been posted in the Esterhazy Jobs section.


St. Anthony’s Hospital
Job opportunity
Registered Nurse

St. Anthony’s Hospital in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan has an opening for a Registered Nurse. Preference will be given to an applicant with emergency room experience, however, serious consideration will be given to an applicant with acute care experience.

If your spouse is a journeyperson electrician or heavy duty mechanic or has mining or industrial experience, there is a high likelihood there will be a job for him/her as well.

Esterhazy is the Potash Capital of the world. It has all the amenities of city living with a country life style.

For more information, email:daniela.fiske@shr.sk.ca or call Daniela Fiske at 306-745-3973 or cell 306-745-3214. Or submit your resume(s) to the above email address.


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