North Valley Credit Union’s 18th Annual Meeting and Banquet


On Tuesday, April 19th, North Valley Credit Union held its 18th Annual Meeting & Banquet at the Esterhazy Legion Hall. Registration began at 6:30 p.m., with the meal being served at 7:00 and the meeting commencing around 8:00 p.m..

Master of ceremonies this year was Donna Overland, who guided the meeting through the various items on the agenda, (as seen below).


It is worth noting the degree to which NVCU supports local communities. The management and staff donated more than 534 volunteer hours to local communities, and the members of the board of directors donated more than 3,436 volunteer hours. The largest single donation to community projects in 2015 was $20,000 to the St. Anthony’s Hospital Building Fund. Scholarships were also awarded to local graduating students.

Some figures to digest…

  • Total gross earnings for 2015 = $881,562.00
  • Growth in Mutual Fund book of business in 2015 = $1,472,800.00
  • Total Mutual Fund Book closed the year at $17,206,622.00
  • Total Assets Under Administration in 2015 = $92,129,118.00

In his address, CEO & General Manager, Roy Spence, had this to say about his fellow workers, and the place NVCU holds within the local communities.

I want to say that I am very proud of North Valley Credit union and the people that I work with day in and day out who make this company successful. NVCU employs local people in good jobs with high quality health and pension benefits. It pays significant local property taxes that benefit those who reside in the communities we serve. We give back by supporting local charities and other events in cash and in kind. Our staff and board of directors have contributed countless hours to benefit the communities in which they live. Those that deal with us, whether they are a member, a customer or a client can count on the fact that in supporting our credit union they are supporting everyone within the communities that we serve.”

Below are some pictures taken at the event. Click any image to open the viewer.

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