PJ Gillen’s Snoezelen Room


PJ Gillen has set out to improve the school once more. Their next goal is to create a “Snoezelen Room” in the building.

A what?No, I hadn’t heard that term either!

According to the school, “Snoezelen Rooms are a multisensory, relaxing space used by students to help reduce agitation and anxiety, engage the user and stimulate reactions. Snoezelen Rooms can be used to calm and reduce agitation through the use of gentle light, soothing sound, relaxing smell and touch. They can also be used as a learning and developmental tool. Student programming and goals will be carried out within the Snoezelen room with the support of our Occupational Therapist.”

Right now, the plan is for Room 17 (Art Room) to be transformed into the Snoezelen Room over the next school year, with the intended completion to be by June, 2017.

The school adds, “We currently are working with a Canadian company to finalize our room plan. We look forward to making our vision come to life!”


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