Macdonald School News – April 13

IMPORTANT  REMINDER – Please remember that this school is designated a peanut/tree nut free zone; as well as a shell fish free zone.  This is due to students with severe allergies to both.

Upcoming Events:

April 1 – 29th

The Macdonald School Eco group is holding a battery spring clean up.  1-use household batteries can be placed in the drop off boxes in front of the office inside the school and automotive batteries, which include agriculture batteries (tractor, combine, semi, lawn tractor, quad etc.) can be dropped off outside the school beside the blue shed located via the school parking lot.  Thanks.  “Take care of the world, the world will take care of you”

April 17th

There will be a bake sale at 12:15pm on Sunday April 17th in the Catholic Church Basement.  Majority of the baking will be done by students from our schools.  Proceeds going to Free the Children and WaterAid Canada – working towards creating positive change in third world countries for cleaner water, better agriculture and education.

Don’t forget….

Please send your plant orders with payment to the school by this Thursday, April 14th – thanks for supporting our school.

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