Fertile Belt Ratepayers’ Supper draws around 80 attendees


On the evening of April 12, the R.M. of Fertile Belt No. 183, held its annual ratepayers’ supper at the Stockholm Communiplex. The event drew around 80 attendees this year, and included a superb meal, news updates and two guest presentations.

The first speaker was Shawna Green from the Eastern Lower Qu’Appelle Agri-environmental Group. Her talk included informative advice on available funding for:-

  • Relocation of livestock Confinement facilities
  • Fencing to protect surface water
  • Farmyard runoff control
  • Native rangeland grazing management
  • Carcass disposal
  • Manure storage enhancements and technologies
  • Natural waterway erosion control
  • Protecting high risk erodible soils
  • Shelterbelt establishment
  • Weather data collection
  • irrigation management planning and equipment
  • And more…

The second speaker was Doug Johnson from the Water Security Agency, and he continued to expand on the water management/flood control theme. Subjects he touched on included:-

  • Overview of Conservation and Development Area Authority (C&D)
  • Overview of Watershed Association Boards (WAB)
  • How the C&D and WABs fit into local government
  • What each body can do, and how they are similar
  • How these bodies are different
  • The Saskatchewan Conservation and Development Association (SCDA)
  • Detailed explanation of the development and maintenance of Flood Control Projects.
  • And more…

Following this second talk, Reeve Arlynn Kurtz gave a presentation summing up the activities of the R.M. for the previous year. His slide presentation included:-

  • 2015 Council Per Diems
  • 2015 council Committees
  • Capital Purchases
  • Grants received
  • Yearly contributions to library, RCMP, Fire Departments and Morris Lodge
  • Use of gravel
  • Update of the 637 guardrail construction
  • Update of the state of previous PDAP projects
  • 2015 road construction
  • Loans outstanding (one small $10,000 loan for lagoon)
  • Dust control
  • And more…

Of particular concern, Arlynn mentioned the ongoing problem of vandalism to road signs. In fact, the problem has reached a point where a $1000 reward is being offered to anyone who provides information that leads to a conviction of the offender (s).

Below are a pictures taken at the event. Click any image for a larger version.



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