A fitness challenge to the people of Esterhazy

By Jonathan Robert


I grew up in this town, born and raised.  I know most of you who read this magazine.  If I don’t know you or if you don’t know me, let me introduce myself:  my name is Jonathan Robert and my wife and I own CrossFit Haze, which is local fitness gym.

In terms of fitness, our Esterhazy has some very exciting things happening. CrossFit Haze is opening a new facility that will house not only ourselves, but a new home for the Esterhazy Energizers Gymnastics club.  Esterhazy currently have two locally owned and operated gyms (New Image Fitness & Underground Fitness) with an Anytime Fitness currently being built.  We have knowledgeable trainers in town, there is Kylee Tonita that runs boot camp and personal training, and I know that there are trainers that are working with Underground Fitness (sorry, I don’t know their names).  We have multiple people running yoga classes in town, there are individuals offering Beach Body classes out of their house, spin classes, Zumba, you name it.  The warriors football team in town harvests a culture of fitness with our youth.  There is karate, hockey, badminton, baseball, and two separate unaffiliated gymnastics clubs, etc.  (If I didn’t mention someone, I apologise!).

Esterhazy has a lot going for it, and I’m writing this because I’m fairly frustrated with some of the social media publicity out there.  I’ve seen people criticize the town for allowing too many gyms to pop up, and I’ve had lots of people asking us if we are worried about the other gyms in town.  I know the other gym owners and trainers have had the same questions posed to them.  Here’s the thing:  we live in a town with 2,500 people in it and we service a lot more in the surrounding area.  If everyone in town took up the services in town, our existing and to be existing facilities would be bursting at the seams.

CrossFit Haze employs 5 coaches, soon to be 8 coaches.  We all have full time jobs and fitness is what we do for fun.  It enhances our lives.  It allows us the energy to go do more.  I recently played basketball with cousins and my nephew.  I would have never been able to do that prior to 2011 in my adult life because I was way to out of shape.  (I didn’t play well, but CrossFit or any other regiment won’t help my ability to put the ball in the basket).  Together gyms and other trainers in town probably total 20 – 30 people in our town of 2,500, that’s 1% of our population dedicated to people getting fitter.  Including the other sports in town, I bet we have over 100 people involved in the fitness industry here.

As a town we aren’t utilizing these resources enough.  I watch how people move, I watch their posture.  I’m watching the people who used to show me how to move, the same people who taught my friends and I play football, baseball, hockey, karate, and I’m watching how they move now.  Some of those same coaches and players cannot stand up straight because their hips are too tight.  I see people who cannot put their shoulders overhead and keep their spine neutral because their shoulders are so tight.  I see people who used to run and skate but now they cannot now because all of the cartilage is gone out of their knees.  I see people who are very unhappy with their weight and self- conscious about it.  I believe a cause of a lot of these things is our sedentary lifestyle.

So here’s my pitch:  Can we make Esterhazy the “Fittest place to live in Saskatchewan?”  Can we create a culture where people move well?  Can we create an anomaly where the people in this town live longer and feel better over time?  I would like to challenge you and the people you love to go out and get active.  Go for long walks.  Move more frequently.  Go to yoga and stretch your body out.  Attend Zumba classes.  Take up MMA fighting or Karate.  Go to boot camp.  Come lift heavy things or work on gymnastics.  Go play badminton.  It doesn’t matter to me, just go do something and I promise it will enhance your life more.  Like I said earlier, if we all made a conscious effort to use all of the products available to us in town, we would be far better off in the long run and we would all be happier people!  We have good qualified people in town, please make use of them.

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