Magnificent Mind over Matt


The Churchbridge Players put on a magnificent dinner theatre production of “Mind over Matt” in the closing days of last week.  The play, by Scott Haan, is subtitled “An internal conflict” and tells the story of a young man with significantly more than a few voices playing in his head.

It’s not that Matt is schizophrenic, rather he is conflicted. Sometimes his good side leads him into good actions, at other times his more base nature takes over, or his Star Trek-loving nerd will come into play, or even his conflict-soothing feminine side.  In a way, we all have different voices in our head, different elements of the complicated construct that makes up our illusory identity, and the play reflects this in glorious comedy.

At its simplest level, the story is romantic. Matt strongly fancies a young lady he met, but is hopelessly inept in communicating effectively with her, resulting in a disastrous first date. Trouble is, when he finally makes a phone call to apologize, he accidentally leaves the message on his the voicemail of his boss! Even worse, it turns out his boss is his prospective girl friend’s mother!

Needless to say, within this framework the play weaves numerous opportunities for gags and gaffs, wisdom and wickedness, empathy and absurdity. In other words, it is a heck of a lot of fun for both the audience and the actors alike!

The play was directed by Mark Hintz who said in the program, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in Churchbridge Drama Club. The talented actors, the executive, and all the sideline people. It is because of your hard work and dedication that we continue to have very successful productions. To our appreciative audience, thank you for your continued support.”

The actors in the play were..

  • Brian Sveinbjornson
  • Davy Soloway
  • Lucas Thies
  • Nick Thies
  • Shannon Dul
  • Joshua Spilchen
  • Megan Duchek
  • Chantel Sawatzky
  • Katie Vickess
  • Laurel Yanke
  • Kelsey Krantz

Now, sit back and get closer to the action than you ever thought you would. We’ve put together an album of approximately 70 pictures from the Saturday night performance, ranging from full-stage views to up close and personal views of the actors.

To open the image viewer, simply click on any thumbnail below, and then continue through the slides by clicking on the right side of the displayed image. Our thanks to our Churchbridge Platinum Sponsor, Churchbridge Credit Union, for supporting our photography in this event.

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