“The Great Gatsby” Fundraiser – time is running out!

Time is running out, get your tickets soon for the Great Gatsby Gala, being held on April 23 as a fundraiser for the Esterhazy Spray Park. Here are the latest notes from the committee.

This is going to be an amazing evening. BIG DADDY TAZZ is our entertainment. He is hilarious and be sure to get the crowd laughing. We also have some incredible silent and live auction items. Come out and support our dream of creating a spray in our community. Thank you to those who have donated and already bought their tickets. Looking forward to a fabulous evening!


If you are thinking about coming and don’t want to dress up GATSBY style, it’s NOT a costume party! Come dressed as fancy as you’d like! Please feel free to dress in the era style if you wish, but don’t feel like you have to!


Check out Big Daddy Tazz! He is so excited to come out to Esterhazy! (Link to You Tube video HERE)”


Check out a few of the Auction Items we have that came in!


Here is the poster!


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