Katie Miller’s moving ahead with album number two!


It’s about a year since we last met with Katie Miller. On that occasion the local singer/songwriter had just released her first album “Silverfower” and she was of course very excited about it. Well, fast forward to now, and Katie has done it again. Yes, she’s released album number two, and this one is called “Katie Miller – A New Day.”

A lot has happened in the past year, Katie has been getting a lot of media exposure on TV and Radio, and even the other day she was driving along, scanning through radio stations, when suddenly she heard her track “Prairie Sea” being broadcast again across the airwaves.

Her style has continued to evolve towards what she considers a more authentic representation of who she is musically, and her reach and popularity as an artist seems to be growing exponentially. Indeed, she recently heard from new fans in New York who are happy to laud and share her work.

Of the new album, Katie’s press release states…

Esterhazy folk rock singer-songwriter Katie Miller has stripped down her sound to directly reflect her live performance on her new album, A New Day (Release date: March 25, 2016). Katie’s signature harmonica infused tales of life, self reflection and pride in your surroundings remain and are now more powerful and personable than ever. Choosing Moose Jaw’s Nebulus Entertainment for recording and production, A New Day distances from the commercial sound to reveal Katie Miller and her band in their rawest and truest state. This album has also become a platform for mental awareness with half of the album sales being donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

And Katie herself shares insights about the background to each song as follows:

What You See
This song is about overcoming self-doubt. I wrote it for my husband, my rock, who has always believed in me, especially during the times when I didn’t believe in myself. This song is a thank you to him for making me see what he sees in me.

I took the beauty of the prairie sunset where I live in Saskatchewan, to symbolize hope, strength and resilience for a particular person I know that embodies these traits as she was going through a challenging time in her life.

Secret Place
This light-hearted song connects my love of the great Canadian outdoors to my love of the most important people that surround me. When someone you love is feeling down, sometimes all it takes is giving them that look that says, “Everything is going to be ok.”

This song is about breaking free from the naysayers of the world and choosing to follow your dreams and be true to yourself.

Flowers On The Sun
This song and was inspired by a note my son wrote when he was four years old. I thought it was so beautiful and I called it his first poem, even thought it was only four words long! This song centres around nature and the environment, and how humankind must be proactive in protecting this beautiful planet for many generations to come. The note now sits in my guitar case and travels with me to all of my shows. You can also see me holding the note in the photo used on the inside of my CD case.

Our Way
I wrote this song for very close friends of mine whose marriage was on the brink of falling apart. However, they made the choice to find their way again and worked at keeping their marriage stronger than it ever had been before.

Dark Side
This song is an expression of my thoughts and feelings about a teen suicide. Having personally dealt with depression, it can be a dark and lonely road if you don’t have a support system. To quote from the Canadian Mental Health Association website: “Sometimes it can be difficult for adults to understand how difficult children’s problems can be because we look at their problems through adult eyes. But the pressures of growing up can be very hard for some children. It’s important that we remind ourselves that while their problems may seem unimportant to us, they can feel overwhelming to young people. It’s important to take depression in young people seriously.”

Oh Why
This song is about my own struggle with depression and how I’ve kept it hidden, which is something I’m finally starting to open up about. It took me a long time to realize that depression is not shameful and that once you accept it, learn some coping strategies and find a support system, it can literally save your life.

This is my first collaborative effort with lyrics penned by Becky Marshall who wrote this out from memory while listening to me rehearse with my band at a local tavern. After she told me that she also writes songs but only lyrics, I told Becky that I would love to have a look at her songs, and before I left, she handed me this song. It was a very personal song for her, written for her uncle in Port George, Nova Scotia. Her writing was so pure and honest, which made the music process for me flow with ease, and I’m happy to say that Becky was very pleased with the result.

Escape Me
This song is all about taking me as I am. I wanted this song to express that it can be a good thing to give another person space and time to deal with their own flaws.

This December
This song is the newest on the album, written this past December, inspired by my thoughts on the Syrian refugee crisis and my belief in humankind. I attribute John Lennon’s “Imagine,” also as a source of inspiration for this song.

Local fans may remember Katie’s first ever performance of “This December” took place at the community carol festival at the Boreen Hall last Christmas.

Katie is also glad to express her appreciation for Taron Cochrane Entertainment. She says he was “A big factor in the media exposure, and was the one who had suggested me when he was asked who would be a good local fit to open up for Chantal Kreviazuk May 26 in Regina. I have the utmost respect for Taron and his passion for the Saskatchewan music industry.”

Katie’s upcoming schedule is getting pretty busy, as can be seen below:-

  • April 14: Hometown CD Release Show (Esterhazy, SK)
  • April 22: Qu’Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts (Fort Qu’Appelle, SK)
  • April 26: CTV Live Interview & Performance (Regina, SK)
  • April 26: Rebellion Brewing (Regina, SK)
  • April 29: Prairie Firehouse (Brandon, MB)
  • April 30: Sterling Tavern (Grayson, SK)
  • May 16: Painted Hand Casino (Yorkton, SK)
  • May 18: Bushwakker Brewpub (Regina, SK)
  • May 20: CFCR-FM Live Interview & Performance (Saskatoon, SK)
  • May 20: McNally Robinson Bookstore (Saskatoon, SK)
  • May 26: Opening for Chantal Kreviazuk @ Casino Regina (Regina, SK)
  • May 28: Cathedral Village Arts Festival (Regina, SK)
    June 18: Rediscover Downtown Yorkton Summer Festival (Yorkton, SK)
  • July (TBA): All Folk’d Up Music Festival (Montmartre, SK)
  • July 30: Midsummer Arts Festival, (Fort Qu’Appelle, SK)
  • Aug 6: Bow Valley Jamboree (Oxbow, SK)
  • Aug 28: Living Sky Music & Food Festival (Melville, SK)

More information on Katie’s work can be found at:-

We wish Katie all the best in her continued career development. For bookings, please contact Katie Miller: c.k.miller@sasktel.net or call (306) 745-8504.

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