Dusting off the displays – April


From Esterhazy Museum

The item above is a sausage stuffer. Following the butchering of wild game or livestock, many families or the local butcher would use this to grind the meat into animal intestinal casings in order to make coils or sausages.

Shortly after 1908, Martin Swaaben and John Venker moved from Alberta to Esterhazy where they opened a butcher shop on Main Street. When the partnership was dissolved, Martin took over the business and operated it till his death in 1946.

Martin’s son, Theodore, left school at age 15 to help his father with the family business. Some of Ted’s duties were to accompany his father when buying and hauling cattle and hogs for butchering and preparing cowhides for shipment. After Martin’s death, Ted took over the butcher shop, and later added a line of groceries.

Due to growing competition of locker plants and meat counters in grocery stores, the Swaaben Meat Market closed its doors in 1973.

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