It’s Official… Churchbridge wins $10,000 in the Go Out & Play Challenge

Churchbridge has won the Go out & Play Challenge, and will be receiving $10,000 towards the cost of their sport court. The town logged an amazing 395,813 minutes of physical activity during the competition, and was declared the winner on March 15.

Below is the official media release. Well done Churchbridge!



Media Release, March 15, 2016

Churchbridge logs 395,813 minutes of physical activity to capture the win and $10,000

Kids in Churchbridge will be active outdoors more often at the Churchbridge sport court! Thanks to community action and a $10,000 grand prize from the 2016 Go Out & Play Challenge powered by Saskatchewan Blue Cross, the Churchbridge sport court will get the boost it needs. Residents and supporters logged 395,813 minutes of physical activity during the 10-day challenge to win the grand prize.

Churchbridge plans to use the grand prize to create a dedicated sport court for basketball, tennis, hockey, beach volleyball and a small skate park. By providing equipment and locating it centrally to the school, arena, and pool, it will be accessible to everyone!

The Saskatoon Lakeridge Community Association logged 494,671 minutes to win the $10,000 community association prize to replace their 25-year old community playground with new equipment that is safe, fun and can accommodate more kids so everyone can play!

20 communities and 5 community associations registered for this year’s challenge. Participants rallied friends, family and neighbours to log their physical activity in support of community projects that inspire active outdoor play. Projects included building splash parks, purchasing outdoor play equipment, building BMX bike/skate parks and revitalizing playground equipment, among many others.

“A big congratulations to all of our participants! It’s inspiring to see communities taking action together to build active spaces that embrace the outdoors,” says Cathie Kryzanowski, General Manager of Saskatchewan in motion. “We’re proud of these communities for doing their part to make sure Saskatchewan kids have opportunities to participate in active outdoor play.”

Across Saskatchewan, participants logged an outstanding 2.9 million minutes of physical activity over the 10-day challenge. In addition to Churchbridge, five communities logged more than 100,000 minutes of physical activity: Kenaston, Norquay, Lagenburg, Sedley, and Weyburn.

The community of Kenaston logged the second most minutes of physical activity to win the runner-up prize: $5,000 towards creating a green space around their pool.

“Toques off to the community champions who promoted active living by registering for the Challenge, and to all who logged minutes in support of active outdoor play,” says Todd Peterson, VP Sales & Marketing at Saskatchewan Blue Cross, “It’s amazing to see the community spirit and pride we have here in Saskatchewan.”

Saskatchewan Blue Cross and Saskatchewan in motion thank and applaud everyone for their participation. We look forward to the 2017 Challenge. For full challenge results and project descriptions visit

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