EHS play “Oddball” was just… Odd


Esterhazy High School Senior Drama Club presented their performance of “Oddball” last night in the EHS Junior Gym, under the direction of Jeannine Lesann. There was a fairly good, but not overly-large crowd for the event, and the play was well acted and very well performed. There were no obvious missed lines, delayed cues, or misplaced props or actors, and the young people did great both on stage with the actors, and offstage with the tech crews.

But… The whole thing was just ODD. That’s not the fault of the actors, it was the play itself. Billed as a comedy, Oddball by Lindsay Price, is one of those plays that just appears to be vignette after vignette of sheer nonsense. With acts that include a young man trying to convince everyone that a square box is a ball, and a woman getting all upset because she fears she has offended a household appliance. There’s also a scene where a client is trying to compliment restaurant staff but the staff are getting really offended at it.

The dialogue is just daft at times, farcical would be a more complimentary term, but after a while I found myself wondering what the heck it was all about. And that meant even more kudos to the actors for remembering some really silly lines!

However, it is literally only in the last moments of the play that the whole thing comes together. It’s that moment when the circus ring-keeper asks the audience if they see themselves in any of these bizarre happenings, and he suggests that maybe each one of us is an oddball. Then the penny drops and you see that you’ve been watching an allegory of life.

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