EHS Lady Warriors Basketball team – A winning attitude regardless of the score

From Shayna Zubko


Going into Regional playoffs for basketball knowing that you are ranked 16th and last place and that you will be playing the 1st place team can be a bit intimidating. However, it can also be a good experience. And that’s what the Esterhazy Lady Warriors Basketball team chalked their 96-37 loss to Lumsden as. It was a game of setting goals and trying to achieve them, however small it may seem to try to get over 35 points, they still achieved it!

So, with the loss meant there was a chance to play either the 8th or 9th ranked team. Still intimidating, but they weren’t going to be defeated this time. This was their time to prove they didn’t deserve their 16th place ranking. When the coach said, “You’ve got nothing to lose, go play aggressive, and prove that the underdogs are capable of more” the girls all got these big smiles on their faces. And wow did they give it their all.

The Regina Christian basketball team played a good game, and had some great talent. However, a game of small goals once again meant that Esterhazy made sure that after being down 20-16 after the first quarter that they needed to score more points and play tougher defense. After that they won every quarter, scoring by taking all possible shots, driving to the hoop, and stealing the ball from the opponent.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a close game, where they gave the audience and their parents a show, keeping them on the edge of their seats. But, in the last quarter the team worked together, played aggressively, and did everything their proud coach told them to do and more. With a final score of 63-56, it was an excellent way to end their season. For the grade 12’s Cassie Daniel and Tori Forst they were overjoyed with their finish to the season and proving that they could do it.

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