Barry Dilts is our Strategic Partner/Ambassador for Melville!


It is with great pleasure that Parkland Regional News officially introduces readers to our Strategic Partner/Ambassador for Melville.

Mr. Barry Dilts has served as the Executive Assistant to outgoing MLA Bob Bjornerud for more than a few years and has done an absolutely incredible job in that capacity. He has also been one of the most encouraging voices for EsterhazyOnline during the past three years, and we have appreciated his enthusiasm and praise more than we can say.

For that reason, Barry was invited to join our business team back in January, but he requested that we patiently wait until the elections were called before making any kind of announcement. Now, with the political process well underway, we are free to welcome Barry on board.

Barry will be our key man in the Melville area. He will be introducing us to many people and businesses, appraising us of great stories, and generally serving as a goodwill ambassador to our regional expansion both in Melville and to a lesser degree into Yorkton.

We could not ask for a better person in this role, and we are very very proud to have his participation in this endeavour.

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