Skate Esterhazy casts a spell on the ice


The young people of Skate Esterhazy gave a superb series of performances today, as they presented “I put a spell on you” at the Dana Antal arena. From beginner to intermediate to more seasoned skaters, each item on the program showcased both the value of local skating and the thrill of sharing their growing proficiency.

With a decidedly magical theme, the group acts carried such titles as fairies, unicorns, ghosts, wizards, mermaids and genies. Then there were solo performances to enjoy, and of course the more advanced figure skating routines of local ice heroes Marty Haubrich and Madison Tocher.

A brilliant event, it brought smiles of joy to the audience, and of course great pride to the relatives of the young ones performing.

And so, without any further delay, here are 120 images taken during the show. Our thanks go to our Platinum sponsors who support our photography. Open the viewer by clicking any thumbnail, and above all… ENJOY!

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