Six months to go to Roll-a-thon 2016 – Sign up for it now


For a decade, Gerry Oake (AKA “Gerry The Painter” in Esterhazy) has been organizing the OUR HOUSE roll-a-thon. He’s been raising money for the creation of a physical location in this region where people from across the province can be counseled and helped during their recovery from addictions. He has also been going into schools and telling kids from the heart that they are not alone, that if they have problems there are ways of finding help.

Normally the roll-a-thon draws around 30 participants, but that does NOT get the media attention that this project deserves. So let’s change that! Let’s see how many HUNDREDS of people we can get to grab their cycles or roller blades and join the event, even if only for a few kilometers.

2016’s event takes place on September 10. Please be part of it.

Below is a form to fill in and email to Parkland Regional News to show your interest in participating.  The owner of Parkland Regional News also sits on the Board of Directors of OUR HOUSE, Saskatchewan, so your email will not be compromised.

Register below and we will keep you informed with more details of the event as they are forthcoming.

Thank you for being part of the addiction solution!

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