New Advertising Rules Benefit Car Buyers

Editor’s Comment… When I was living in the UK, we used to have what was called the “On the road price” when buying a car. When I moved to Canada 28 years ago, I was shocked at the number of additional costs that were added to the sticker price, and it seemed to be near impossible to get a dealer to give a genuine “on the road” cost of a vehicle. I therefore applaud this new “Drive-Away Price” initiative. It is about time!


GOVTThe Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA) wants buyers to know the rules have changed when it comes to advertising vehicle prices in Saskatchewan.

Too often in the past, the advertised price did not reflect the final sale price of a vehicle.  Hidden fees and levies added hundreds or thousands of dollars to the sale price of the vehicle.  Price uncertainty caused frustration and confusion.  These new rules are designed to help consumers make more informed decisions about their purchase.

Licensed dealers must include accurate pricing in their advertising.  If a dealer advertises a vehicle for a specific price in an ad, that price must include any fees and levies up front, not including taxes.  This is called “The Drive-Away Price.”

When a consumer pays for the full cash value of the vehicle at the time of purchase (with no financing and no optional, extra equipment), they cannot be charged more than the current advertised price, not including taxes.

If a consumer notices a difference between the advertised price and the full cash price they paid they can ask the dealer for compensation.  They can also file a formal complaint with the FCAA to pursue a remedy (ie: return of the difference between the advertised price and the price paid).  Additionally, they can go to small claims court to resolve the dispute.

Buy From a Licensed Dealer

The FCAA encourages all consumers to purchase vehicles from licensed dealers.  The Drive-Away Price rules do not apply to private sales.  Unlicensed persons who are in the business of selling vehicles for profit represent a serious risk to consumers.


Consumers can ask a dealer for their licence number and confirm the validity on

More info at

Contact FCAA

If consumers have questions about The Drive Away Price or have a dispute with a licensed dealer, they can contact us toll free at 1-877-880-5550 or by email at

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