Winterfest kicks off today with the EMBI hamburger sale

Winterfest begins in Esterhazy today…. Yes, it really is still winter, so here’s hoping the event doesn’t tempt providence and remind us of that fact! Gotta’ say, I’m loving this weather!

Anyway, the event kicks off this afternoon with a hamburger sale by Esterhazy Music Boosters at the Boreen Hall. Here are the details.

Esterhazy Music Boosters Inc (EMBI) will be holding a hamburger sale on Thursday, February 25th from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at the S.N Boreen Community Center. It will precede the movie that is being shown for Hazy Days Winterfest. Showtime is 6:00 pm, and then at that time you will be able to purchase popcorn and gourmet pretzels to snack on during the show.

Hamburger $4.00
Cheeseburger $4.50
Popcorn $2.00
Pretzel $2.00

Drinks will also be available.

All proceeds will be going to our trip to Festival Disney in April/May. Thank you for your support!

And, as a reminder, here’s the full lineup of events over the next few days. Click image for larger version.


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