Millionaires and Terriers – A double dose of local hockey action!


Local Junior hockey fans didn’t have to travel too far this weekend to enjoy a double dose of action between the Melville Millionaires and the Yorkton Terriers.

On Friday, February 12, the Yorkton Terriers headed over to Melville’s Horizon Credit Union Centre for the first of two home-and-home games. Yorkton’s Brandon Sookro scored the first goal at 12:11 in the first period, but just four minutes later Melville’s Keegan Milligan brought the score to 1-1. There were no goals in the second period, but the third period saw both teams scoring again, with Cole Filler scoring for Melville at 06:17, and Corwin Stevely scoring for Yorkton at 18:28. A shootout saw Cole Filler bringing the score to 3-2 for Melville.

Saturday, February 13, brought a turn-around in both location and score. It was the turn of the Melville Millionaires to travel up to Yorkton’s Gallagher Centre to play on the ice of the Farrell Agencies Arena. As it turned out, the final score was again 3-2, but this time in favour of the Yorkton Terriers.

Melville opened up the score in the first period with Cole Filler scoring at 07:27. The second period brought fast-paced action resulting in Brandon Sookro scoring for the Terriers at 13:41, Liam Shaw belting it in the net for the Millionaires at 15:19, and McKenzie Welke scoring for Yorkton at 18:06 to bring the score to 2-2 at the end of 40 minutes. It was left to the third period to settle matters, and at 16:03, Brandon Sookro scored his second goal of the afternoon to bring the score to 3-2 for Yorkton.

Although Parkland Regional News was unable to make it out to Melville on Friday, we did take in the action of the Saturday game. So, it is with great pleasure that we feature our first ever mega photo shoot of these fine teams. Please click on any thumbnail image below to open up the photo viewer, and then progress through the pictures by clicking to the right of each slide in the viewer.

Both the Melville Millionaires and the Yorkton Terriers may use these pictures in any way they want without cost. All we ask is that accreditation is given to our main website URL ( ) as being the source.

Now, sit back and ENJOY!!!

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