Local farmer to speak at international symposium in Rome next week


Local farmer Dale Leftwich, is heading to Rome next week to speak at an International Symposium being put on by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

According to the official website, the prestigious event will, “Explore how the application of science and technology, particularly agricultural biotechnologies, can benefit smallholders in developing sustainable food systems and improving nutrition in the context of climate change.”

Dale, who farms near Yarbo and lives in Esterhazy, is on the board of SaskCanola, and also on the board of the Canadian Canola Growers Association which represents 43,000 farmers across the country. He will be accompanying a staff member of the CCGA to the event.

Dale will be one of four speakers at a side event within the symposium on the afternoon of February 16. This event will bring together farmers from around the world, and he will be providing a farmer’s view on the accessibility and use of scientific innovations in farming. Fellow members of the panel come from the Philippines, Argentina and Kenya, with the discussion moderator hailing from Brazil.

We wish Dale all the best on this amazing honour, and will hopefully speak with him again after he returns home.

One response to “Local farmer to speak at international symposium in Rome next week

  1. Farzad Mehregani

    Good luck Dale. Have a safe trip.

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