Madison and Marty – Skating update


We received the following update on the progress of local skaters Madison Tocher and Marty Haubrich.

2016 Skate Canada Challenge
Madison Tocher and Marty Haubrich along with their Coach Bev Pangracs traveled to Edmonton in December to compete in the 2016 Skate Canada Challenge.

Singles skaters as well as dance teams and pairs teams from across Canada met in Edmonton Alberta December 2-6 to compete for a national title (pre-novice) or for a chance to qualify for the Canadian championships (novice-senior).

Madison and Marty qualified to attend Challenge by competing at the Alberta Sectional Championships which were held in Calgary.

Madison and Marty placed 20th in the Rocker, 16th in the Starlight and 18th in the free dance for an overall placement of 19th.

They are now training new dances as well as new elements in hopes of moving up to the Novice level where they could have a chance to compete at the Canadian Championships next season.

Marty also qualified for singles by competing at the Saskatchewan sectional championships which were held in North Battleford.

Marty placed 21st in his short and 28th in his long for an overall placement of 24th.

Marty also continues his singles training and looks forward to next season in hopes of moving up the ranks.

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