Showstoppers holds 12th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser


Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time! While Parkland Regional News was reporting on the hockey game at the Horizon Credit Union Centre on Saturday night, we also noticed the rather large crowd of women in the conference hall. Well, glued to the game we might have been, but curiosity got the better of us!

Turns out, that Melville’s ShowStoppers Snowmobile Club was holding their 12th annual fundraiser for breast cancer. The banner on the stage said “Celebrating the Spirit of Women” and clearly, everyone present was enjoying the event, while also supporting the great cause.

Funding from the Melville fundraiser has gone to several beneficiaries over the years. Primarily, money has been sent to “Prairie Women on Snowmobiles”, the non-profit organization that raises awareness for breast cancer through annual rides across the province. Over the last 15 missions, Prairie Women on Snowmobiles has provided more than $2.3 million in support of cancer research, and although they will not be coming to Melville this year, they will be in Yorkton on February 2nd.

Another recipient of funding from Showstoppers has been local palliative care at Melville’s Saint Peter’s Hospital. Les Hudema, the President of Showstoppers, told us, “The community has been good to us as a snowmobile club, so this is a way of giving back.”

The club itself maintains around 250 km of trails from Yorkton, Melville, Lemberg, Dubuc, and the Qu’Appelle Valley, meeting up with trails from Broadview and Esterhazy. They also look after six warm-up shelters along the way, and the signage that promotes safe use of the trails.

The club is open to new members, and as part of the Saskatchewan Snowmobiling Association, their contact information can be found on the SSA website (HERE).

Below are a few quick pictures taken at the event. Open the viewer by clicking on any thumbnail.

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