Clara Schaar celebrates 100 years young at Morris Lodge


The world was a very different place when Clara Schaar (nee Schell) was born in 1916. World War One was still ravaging Europe, average life expectancy was less than fifty years, and both cars and aeroplanes were still fairly new inventions. People still lived simply and often in poverty, families stayed close to the farm, and in that year women finally got to vote for the first time in Saskatchewan.

Yes, Clara has witnessed a lot of changes, and today the former Melville resident celebrated her 100 years with approximately 40 family members and friends at Morris Lodge in Bangor.

Clara was born in Reward, Saskatchewan in 1916. She lived on the farm and had five brothers and three sisters. In 1946, encouraged by a friend, she moved to Melville and was employed in the kitchen at St. Peter’s Hospital.

In 1947 she was united in marriage to Paul Schaar, the janitor at St. Henry’s School. They purchased their home in the town in 1949, where Clara loved to garden, enjoying the beauty of her flowers. She also helped Paul at times with his duties at the school.

Incredibly, Clara lived in the same Melville home until last year. She moved into Morris Lodge, Bangor, on August 28, 2015, where she still happily and healthily lives today.

When asked what her secret of long life was, Clara simply suggested that being content was a big part of it. We wish her a very happy 0ne hundredth birthday, and continued health of body, mind and spirit.

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