Melville author and Esterhazy musician re-united


Rachel Dancsok (left) and Susan Harris (right)

Here’s a good news story that has a genuine hallmark of warmth about it. It concerns two old friends who had not seen each other in years, but who finally managed to get together again this week in Melville.

Melville’s Susan Harris and Esterhazy’s Rachel Dancsok worked together as part of a Christian ministry team eight years ago. Back then, Rachel would lead the worship service while Susan acted as the speaker. However, as often happens, the two friends ended up taking different career paths, and in the process going separate ways.

But that changed on January 12 when Rachel came into Melville to donate blood. On this occasion she also had the opportunity to re-unite with Susan, and the reminiscing began.

Now, this kind of story could be repeated about friends all over this country, but there’s an interesting twist to this particular tale. You see, each lady has found a certain degree of fame in their chosen pathways. Susan Harris is now a nationally-known author, and Rachel Dancsok is an award-winning singer who performs across the country and in the USA.

While the women have gone in different career directions, there is still a very common thread in their work, the thread that bound them together as a team all those years ago. Both Susan and Rachel continue to be grounded in a strong faith, and the desire to continue to serve their Lord.

Of their meeting, Rachel said, “All God ordained!! Was good!!” And Susan shared, “We gave each other gifts of books and CDs. God has been more than good to each of us.”

We salute these talented, mission-driven artists. May you both be blessed in your continued endeavors now and into the future!

  • Susan’s website is HERE
  • Rachel’s website is HERE

2 responses to “Melville author and Esterhazy musician re-united

  1. Thanks for this beautiful tribute, Ken. Happy 2016 and blessings on your own business.

  2. What a lovely reunion. Two happy hearts.

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