Angels of Hope at risk of closing if new volunteers not found

EsterhazyOnline has been a strong supporter of Angels of Hope Animal Rescue service over the last three years, as have many people in Esterhazy and surrounding communities. It is sad therefore to see a notice posted a few days ago on their facebook page, indicating that unless new volunteers are found urgently, there is a risk of the service closing. Notice below.

angelsAoH IS FACING SOME TOUGH CHALLENGES TO START THE NEW YEAR – Our Fundraiser coordinator Terry & our Dog coordinator Sherryl have retired – leaving us short. We need VOLUNTEERS ASAP for many jobs. We need a fundraiser & a dog coordinator & many more hands to help us continue. If not sadly – this rescue will have to look at closing our doors. We have animals in care & we need to continue fundraising to care for them. If you care about the animals & believe in what we do – please join our team now.

Regretfully AoH is unable to take in any surrenders or rehomes at this time. Please call the Regina Humane Society #306-543-6363 ext 237, the Yorkton SPCA #306-783-4080 or if it’s an animal medical emergency call your local veterinarian.

You may go to the AoH facebook page to respond to them HERE.

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