Dylan Shire’s heading to Karate Canada Nationals

dylan-1Local lad Dylan Shire, a junior high student in grade 8, has qualified to join the Saskatchewan Provincial team in the 2016 Karate Canada National Championships. The event will be held from January 29 to January 31 at the Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond, BC.

This is Dylan’s fifth year of Karate, and he’s currently at the 4th Kyu level, and is working towards his 3rd Kyu and Brown Belt. Tryouts for the Provincial team were held in December, and the hard work and commitment has certainly not abated since qualifying for his place.

Over and above being a dedicated grade 8 student, and working at Tri-Star in Esterhazy, Dylan has added a grueling four nights per week training schedule as the championship gets closer. Two of his training nights take place in Esterhazy at Esterhazy Karate Club, while the other two training sessions are held with the Parkland Karate Association in Yorkton.

Needless to say there are some other dedicated people behind Dylan’s upward climb in the sport. His parents, Todd and Christine Shire are not only backing him financially, but also making sure he gets to all his training regardless of location. He’s also appreciative of the Esterhazy Karate Club, under the direction of club president Rob Davies, and the training in Yorkton with Sensei Gwen Maddaford and Sensei Wilf Miller. We also hear that the folks at his work are pretty encouraging too!

Dylan-3There’s a very large incentive for committed young Karate students now. After years of lobbying, it is looking likely that Karate will be among the new sports to be added to the 2020 Olympic games. Needless to say, the young people who represent their provinces at the Canada Championships will be hoping for a place on future Canadian teams, should the Olympic inclusion indeed take place.

We congratulate Dylan on his selection to the Provincial team, and wish him well in the Nationals and beyond.

Dylan with

Dylan Shire, pictured with Sensei Ron Rurak, Sensei Gwen Maddaford, and Sensei Wilf Miller at Yorkton this week.

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