Keep boiling that water Stockholm

As far as I am aware, being also a resident of Stockholm, the boil water advisory for the village is still in place… Keep boiling that water Stockholm!

It was on Monday that the village undertook maintenance measures on the water distribution service, and purely as a precaution (and also in accordance with the Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010) a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory was issued.

As part of the maintenance, the system was depressurized, and as stated in the letter that was taken to all homes, “The safety of Stockholm’s water supply cannot be ensured at all times.”

Late on the morning of Friday, January 8, I telephoned the village office for an update. At that time the water had already successfully passed the first round of tests, but village personnel were awaiting confirmation of the results of a second round of tests. It was uncertain whether or not the results would arrive before the weekend.

I was also told that once the results are in for the second test, providing the water is considered up to quality standards, the advisory can only be lifted by the Environmental Project Officer, not by the village of Stockholm.

The village office said they’d let me know if the advisory was lifted, but, as of now (6pm Friday, January 8) I have heard nothing further. No new notices have appeared at my door, and of course the village office is now closed.

For the sake of safety then, it is wise to assume that the advisory still remains in place over the weekend and into the new week until further advised. That means…

  • Boil all water used for drinking purposes for at least one minute at a rolling boil before use.
  • Boil water to be used for other activities where it might be ingested, including brushing teeth or soaking false teeth, washing fruit and vegetables, and making ice cubes.
  • Do not use the water for dishes unless the water has been thoroughly boiled or the dishes have been sanitized in another fashion. Washed dishes and utensils can be soaked in a bleach-water solution (2 tablespoons of bleach per gallon, or 10ml of bleach per litre of water) for at least two minutes to kill bacteria.
  • Do not drink from public fountains
  • Ensure that infants and younger children are SPONGE bathed and do not let them swallow any of the water.
  • Older children and adults can shower, bathe or wash with the water BUT must avoid swallowing it.
  • Avoid washing with the water if you have severe cuts or rashes, unless you have spoken with your physician.
  • Laundry may be washed in the water either by tap or machine.

We shall contact the town office early next week for an update, and will keep you posted. For now, it is prudent to assume the advisory and restrictions are still in force.


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