EsterhazyOnline becomes Parkland Regional News

kjkEMO58Announcement:- Effective immediately.

A major change is taking place right now in the world of EsterhazyOnline. As of today, EsterhazyOnline is in the process of evolving into a larger regional website called “Parkland Regional News.”

Here’s how it works in terms of practicality.

The EsterhazyOnline you have followed for three years still exists, and will continue as usual. To access the news headline page for EsterhazyOnline, you still use the URL but this will now take you to a section within the larger website. You can also access this headline page by clicking the new EsterhazyOnline menu item above the graphic header. In real terms, this will look and function exactly the same as before. EsterhazyOnline will continue to report on events in Esterhazy, Stockholm, and the immediate area surrounding these communities.

Business sponsors of the original EsterhazyOnline will also still have their feature pages, and be listed under Our Sponsors. A new directory will be formed as a sub-menu of the Directories menu. This new directory will be called “Esterhazy Directory” and will continue to list Esterhazy and area sponsors according to business category. Existing EsterhazyOnline sponsors will still be displayed in the side margins of the EsterhazyOnline pages and posts. We will still be accepting new sponsors for the Esterhazy area, and promoting their business news.

In short… For EsterhazyOnline it is business as usual, but with a re-arrangement to fit it all into the larger entity.

So now let’s talk about what is new. Very soon you will see the launch of LangenburgOnline, MelvilleOnline and YorktonOnline. Just as with EsterhazyOnline, these entities will be housed within the larger regional website. We are building these new platforms with new business partners, but are not yet at liberty to announce who they are.

As of today, we are open for new sponsors to join us in all these areas. As of today we are also open to receive news reports from all these areas. We encourage every school, every church, every service club, and every municipal body to get behind this new regional news operation. Send us your news, your upcoming events, your newsletters, etc. We will publish them without charge, just as we have done in Esterhazy. We will also be looking to hire photographer/reporters in the future, so keep an eye on where this is going!

Therefore, along the top menu of the site, you will now also see headings for Langenburg, Melville and Yorkton. These headings will take you to front news headline pages for each area. The initial growth might be slow as we find our feet in each community, but we are here to stay. We’re going to do for the region what EsterhazyOnline has done for Esterhazy. Articles will be published, the news pages will be updated, and new sponsors from these areas will be given exposure and unlimited news coverage, with graphic presence in the margins of their specific site areas.

And that leads us to the brand new front page. The new URL is and you can also access it by clicking the HOME button in the top menu. This page will be used for a variety of purposes. Right now it is announcing the new operation, later it will offer daily reviews of what is new on the site that day. The menus of the new front page are reserved to display Platinum sponsors, regardless of where they are located.

Further refinement has now taken place in the way we handle automotive news, business news, real estate news, events, jobs, and government announcements  these changes are reflected in new or revised top menus and sub menus.

So, to conclude. For loyal readers and followers of EsterhazyOnline, we are still here! Just use the EsterhazyOnline menu item to see for yourself! Stay with us, for we are staying with you. And for new readers and new sponsors in Langenburg, Churchbridge, Bredenbury, Saltcoats, Melville, Yorkton and region, get ready for the expansion as we welcome  you to Parkland Regional News.

We look forward to this evolution of the concept we began three years ago.

Kenneth J. Kerr, Serena Kerr, and the new business partners.

One response to “EsterhazyOnline becomes Parkland Regional News

  1. Congratulations and good luck with this expansion, Kenneth.

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