Gerald Bernath is the Volunteer of the Year for 2015


The Town of Esterhazy has announced Gerald Bernath as the recipient of their “Volunteer of the year” award for 2015.

This from the town…

“This year’s recipient has put in countless hours in rebuilding the Esterhazy Golf Course. He stepped up to the plate and took ownership over this project. His dedication has been phenomenal. He not only coordinated volunteers, contractors and updated the board but also put in a lot hands-on blood sweat and tears volunteer hours. We received many nominations for this gentleman saying “his countless hours of labour, planning and stress have allowed the golf course to continue”, “If not for him, I believe very little of the repairs would have been accomplished.”

An honorable mention would like to be made to the crew of volunteer workers that also put in many hours repairing the irrigation system at the golf course. These gentlemen are Vic Paidel, Robert Nordine, Lorne Delmage, Victor Brace and Steve Zaparaniuk. This team of gentlemen worked together to not only help the golf course but the town of Esterhazy also. The golf course is an integral recreation facility for our town. We would like to also thank his partner and wife, Sharon Bernath, for putting up with the long hours that Gerald had to spend away from home at the golf course.”

Congratulations Gerald, we know that many golfers will appreciate the efforts of you and the team in the coming months and years!

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