Water shut off today in Stockholm

Residents of Stockholm should be aware that today the water will be shut off at 10:00 a.m.. A printed announcement was distributed through the village at the end of last year, but for those who did not receive it, here are the salient points.

  • The water will be shut off and the system de-pressurized in order to enable maintenance.
  • Safety of the water cannot be assured during the maintenance period, therefore a precautionary drinking water advisory has been issued.
  • Water being used during the maintenance should be thoroughly boiled for one minute before use. This applies to drinking water, water for dishes and water for brushing your teeth.
  • It should be safe to bathe in the water during this period, but do not swallow it, and do not bathe young children as they may still swallow water.
  • Clothes may be washed during this period.

The advisory will not be lifted until the water supply is determined to be completely safe. Contact the Stockholm village office at 306-793-2151 if you have any questions.

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