Happy Birthday EsterhazyOnline

EsterhazyOnline is open for business once again after an extended Christmas break. This week not only marks the return to publication, but also the third birthday of this online magazine. It was on January 2nd, 2013 that the first article was placed on the website. Since then we have published more than 1750 articles and added many thousands of pictures!

A lot has happened in those three years, and we are delighted to see the hit counter way over the four million mark, and our likes to the facebook in excess of 1200. But as we move into year four, we anticipate a year of positive changes. It is our intention to expand not only the coverage of the magazine, but also the personnel involved in EsterhazyOnline. Discussions are already taking place with key individuals to potentially move in that direction.

We thank our present and past sponsors for their support of EsterhazyOnline. As renewals come up, we will endeavour to keep the rates as before if possible. However, to remain financially viable we do need to increase the number of sponsors this year too, so if you own or operate a business and are not represented on the site, please contact us. And remember, when you are a sponsor we are here to promote your news, but you need to tell us about it.

We may not know what lies ahead, but one great thing about this site is that almost everything that we’ve published in the last three years is still on the site! You can use the various search tools in the margin to still re-visit the events and happenings of the past, and we encourage you to do so.

And so now, back to business! Keep the articles, news reviews and event announcements coming in. We cannot get to everything, but you can always send material to us.

And finally, if you’ve not seen it yet, take a look at our sister publication “Encourage Me Online.” If you like good ideas and personal growth, you’ll enjoy the writings you find there. (Link HERE)


Kenneth J. Kerr


One response to “Happy Birthday EsterhazyOnline

  1. Congratulations Ken on the Anniversary. Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank You for publishing so many wonderful events. This is one terrific site! Keep up the GREAT work.
    – Wreatha Curtis

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