Give the gift of local history this Christmas!


Are you looking for a very special Christmas present this year? Why not give yourself or a loved one the lasting gift of a celebration of local history.

In 2013, the book “A Century of Prairie Living 1913 – 2013” was produced. It is a superb history of the people, towns and happenings in the Rural Municipality of Fertile Belt #183. The book has just over 400 pages, and countless historic pictures and stories that capture life in this area over the last century. It is well worth getting folks!

When it first went on sale it was priced at $50 per copy. However, there are more copies left at the Stockholm Village/RM office than they’d like to have sitting round gathering dust, so they are dropping the price to only $30 per copy, or $50 for two copies. This is a steal of a deal, and if you have any interest in local history, or want to have something your grandkids will treasure, you will sincerely want to move on this offer now. When the stock of books is gone, that’s it, it’s over!

The book may be purchased from the Stockholm Village/RM office, 301 Ohlen Street, Stockholm. The hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9am to 4pm. The phone number is (306) 793-2151. You can also buy copies at Stockholm Agencies, with the advantage that this office is open on Saturdays.

Now, to get a hint of coming attractions from your upcoming purchase, take a look at the images below. Click any one to open the viewer. This is a great historic Christmas present at almost a stocking-stuffer price. So grab your copies now!


One response to “Give the gift of local history this Christmas!

  1. I am looking for information on my great uncle Gustaf Adolf Farlund. He was farming when he got his citizenship at Stockholm in October 1926. I believe he was in the Stockholm area 1922-31. He returned to Finland in 1931.
    Wayne Hill

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