EsterhazyOnline achieves four million hits!

A personal thank you from Kenneth J Kerr

kjkstarbucksEsterhazyOnline achieved another milestone last night, when the hit counter whistled on through the incredible number of four million page views. While this does not mean that four million individual people have viewed the site (come on.. Esterhazy’s not that important on the global scene!) it does indicate something far more important… Engagement.

You, the readers, are engaging with this website. When you come here time after time, you are looking though pictures, reading articles, and making regular use of the site. For many of you it has become a fixture of your day to open up this website to see what’s coming up in the area, and to review our coverage of many of the events. For this level of engagement, I sincerely thank you.

However, it must be stressed once again that although access to this site is free 24/7, it is not done as a charity. EsterhazyOnline is a commercial business venture, and as such the revenue to keep it going has to come from somewhere. If it does not come from readers then where does it come from? It comes from Sponsors.

To the readers I say this… Please take a few minutes today to look at the margins of this website, or to let your mouse cursor go over the OUR SPONSORS listings. These are the businesses that pay hard-earned money to support this website, and they deserve the recognition of readers. If business sponsorship dried up, EsterhazyOnline would close, and the site you enjoy now would be history. So, if you value EsterhazyOnline, please make these businesses your first port of call when you need goods, services and products in the area.

And to the sponsors I say this… I know I don’t always get in touch with you as much as I should, part of the challenge of an over-worked one-man operation! But that does not mean you are not appreciated. So please, keep me posted of what’s happening in your business so we can represent you to the public. If you have a sale, or a new product offering, or a new member of staff, or a new feature, then tell me. Bottom line, thank you to all the silvers, golds and platinums that keep this thing going!

As we move into the next million hits, I will continue to do what I have apparently become known for… I’ll be present at many of the happenings and events, taking thousands of pictures so we can publish a small handful of them! If I do not get to your event you can always send me your pictures to look though with a view to sharing them with readers.

As if I were not busy enough already, I am also continuing to do an expanded re-write of my most recent book (You Number One Relationship). Another new project is a sister website to this one, it’s called “Encourage Me Online” and has the avowed intention to Enlighten, Enrich, Empower and Encourage people. If you’ve not checked that site out, the link to it is HERE.

So, my thanks to all of you for being part of the popularity of EsterhazyOnline. In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined one million hits when I started it in January 2013, let alone four million. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


One response to “EsterhazyOnline achieves four million hits!

  1. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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