The deck is up at Esterhazy Daycare – So why no more places yet?


The construction of the decking at the newly-expanded Esterhazy Community Daycare is now complete, and the Co-operative wishes to express appreciation to several companies for their assistance in this final stage of the physical expansion.

  • Noble Construction – Paid for Concrete, Equipment and manpower.
  • Mcmunn & Yates (Yorkton) – Donated all of the wood products.
  • Timco Construction (Syd) – Provided coordination and planning as a donation in kind.

While the new building is clear evidence of the physical expansion, what has not yet expanded is the number of places available for attendees. This has not gone unnoticed by local families, and some are expressing concern that the daycare is not yet accepting new children.

In a statement to EsterhazyOnline, Noel De Beer, Executive Director of the Daycare, said this.

With the additional space, along with all the donations given, people are wondering and questioning why the daycare still can’t provide additional childcare as it was the purpose of the expansion. However with the expansions completed, we have certain steps and procedures to follow in order to apply for the additional spaces. We are hoping to get an info article out to explain what the process and procedure is, basically what is next.

EsterhazyOnline will keep the public informed of developments as we are given updates from the Daycare. Pictures taken during the construction of the deck are shown below.

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