Flyers look stronger in League opener


Well, the new Flyers got their first taste of league action on the ice at Esterhazy last night, and there’s no question about it, they looked a lot stronger in this game than they did in the exhibition game a few weeks ago.

Last night’s game was against the Whitewood Orioles, and although our home team lost 7-2, in the final analysis we’ve got to remember this is an all-new team, and they will take time to grow and “gel” as a unit. For that reason, those two goals represented a massive psychological victory for the new lads, it showed that they can be aggressive, they can work as a team positively, and they can get the puck in the net.

Next game is Nov. 13, home at Esterhazy against Bredenbury. Enjoy the pictures below, and thanks to our Platinum sponsors for their support of our photography. Click any image to open the viewer.


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