Museum wants information about these snowshoes

Submitted by Dianne Kirby

We received no new information in regards to ’Horse Hide Robes’. I do understand that the public is chatting about our museum displays and that is our goal—to create awareness.


These snowshoes (above) were found in the basement of a house that the town demolished a few months ago. We believe from looking at the wood and bindings that they are homemade. We have questions and hopefully someone can help us. Did many people in the area use snowshoes? What kind of wood and what was the process to make them? Were they worn by specific ethnic groups?

Please forward your stories or information to: The Esterhazy Community Museum, Box 1744, Esterhazy, SK, S0A-0X0 or phone and leave a message 306-745-5406 or E-mail the museum at

Your response may be published and your name will be withheld

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