UNIFOR LOCAL 892 women donate to “Our House”


Donna Hack presents the donation to Gerry Oake for Our House

Pictures by EsterhazyOnline, article by Donna Hack.

November 16th to November 20th marks National Addictions Awareness Week. During this week Health and Addiction organizations join together to bring attention to the critical issue of alcohol and substance abuse, particularly putting emphasis for prevention among our young people.

Drug use is on the rise with our youth. We need to learn more about substance abuse prevention and how to talk freely about treatment and recovery.

Smaller communities such as we, do not seem to be aware of the accessibility, the range of age and the extent of use there seems to be.

We need to realize this is a serious problem we have in our society, and we need to bring forward solutions for change.

We would like to thank Gerry for staring this program in our community. On behalf of UNIFOR LOCAL 892 WOMEN’S COMMITTEE we would like to donate $300 to OUR HOUSE drug recovery program and wish you solid success with your continued hard work in trying to help our youth.

Donna Hack, Chairperson.

Pictured (left to right) - Jamey Rushlow, Donna Hack, Jerry Oake, Ruby Kriewaldt

Pictured (left to right) – Jamey Rushlow, Donna Hack, Gerry Oake, Ruby Kriewaldt.

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