Local underground operations at a halt as investigation continues

Further to our earlier report regarding the incident at K1 this morning (HERE), EsterhazyOnline has learned that all local underground operations at K1 and K2 are at a halt while an official investigation is underway. The investigation is being held in conjunction with official government bodies, and as a result no further comments are being officially released from Mosaic at this time.

While Mosaic is understandably guarded in what they are saying, social media is not so silent. At least one unconfirmed post seems to allege that the man cage at K1 was also out of order last week, and that ropes were replaced as a result. When presented with this alleged incident, Mosaic staff would neither confirm nor deny it, saying they do not comment on social media posts. Only confirmed at this time is the skip incident of this morning. Please see the press release HERE.

What is for certain is that safety concerns are paramount, hence the temporary cessation of underground operations at this time, since there are insufficient egress points should further problems arise.

If underground workers require confirmation of what’s happening with their shifts, they should get in touch with their supervisors and go though the chain of command at the mines. At this time there is no official word as to when underground operations will re-commence.

One response to “Local underground operations at a halt as investigation continues

  1. I just wish people that have no idea about what the situation is would not post things on social media !

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