Don Halyk shares his take on the new Flyers


FLYERS back on the ice Soooooooooooooo good to see, a very young nucleus of players. We have 24 boys willing to work and improve and have fun under coach Brent and Graham.

Last night’s game was a chance to evaluate some of the new Flyers and yes the boys only had three or four skates but they will improve. I remember about 13 years ago, Dennis and myself and Sheldon put together a young team. THREE wins or was it FIVE wins, it was a learning experience. We kept growing and improving and finding a few players to fill in and our record as the Flyers went on to many great years.

Above all – win or lose – help make these young boys turn into men and have families and live in our Community and supply us with entertainment. The players need your support and every word of encouragement will go a long way. Thanks for your support and we cant wait for that first VICTORY.

– Thanks from DON HALYK.

PS… Report on the game is HERE

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