Cathay Wagantall decisively elected MP for Yorkton-Melville


Esterhazy’s own Cathay Wagantall has been decisively elected as Minister of Parliament (Conservative) for Yorkton-Melville. Out of 53,694 potential voters in the Yorkton-Melville constituency, 36,560 turned out, and the final numbers looked like this.

  • Cathay Wagantall (Con) = 21,630
  • Doug Ottenbreit (NDP) = 7,396
  • Brooke Taylor Malinoski (Lib) = 6,504
  • Elaine Marie Hughes (Green) = 1,030

The result was typical of Southern Saskatchewan, most of which voted Conservative. However, Regina-Wascana was won by the Liberals, and Saskatoon West was won by the NDP. As of this writing (11:00 pm) the national results are firmly suggestive of a majority Liberal government, with Liberal having won nearly all of Eastern Canada. Many people wanted change, and it looks as if change is coming. Even international news reports were gushing yesterday about the possibility of another Trudeau as Prime Minister.

No matter what happens nationally, and no matter what each person may have voted individually, we congratulate Cathay on her victory. Well done Cathay, you worked very hard for this.

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