Plenty of purple at EHS for Mental Health Awareness


Last week, students and staff at Esterhazy High School celebrated World Mental Health Awareness Day with a series of special activities and events. During the week The Activist Group raised $205.10 which will be donated to the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund.

Along with the pictures sent from the school, we received the following report.

“A rundown of our campaign – Last Thursday all classes watched two quick videos that bring awareness to the issue, and then had a small discussion about it.  Small flyers were then handed out with information about where you can get help or talk to someone if you are suffering from depression.  Then on Friday, students dressed in purple and cupcakes were sold for $1.00 each.  Temporary Sharpie tattoos of semi-colons were given out.  The semi-colon is a social media campaign that uses the semi-colon as a symbol to never give up on life.  In other words, an author can choose to end their sentence with a period, or continue it on with a semi-colon.  The school sign and entrance were then lit up purple for the weekend.”

The pictures in the collage below are “clickable” to open the viewer.

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