Museum news and the return of Dusting off the Displays

“Dusting Off the Displays”
Esterhazy Community Museum
October, 2015

We would like to thank all the patrons who wandered through the museum this summer, partook in the barbeques and made donations either monetary or through accessions. Your in-put is extremely important to our viability.

This month we are featuring a new acquisition we received this summer. It is a horse hide robe that Fern Keil donated to the museum. The horse hide robe was used by Great Grandfather Hermann Stephan and Grandfather Henry Rockel. The horse hide robe was used to keep warm in the winter riding in the cutter or sleigh. This horse hide robe is over 95 years old. (approx. 1920)


We are hoping to generate stories and or information pertaining to horse hide robes. You may send your responses to:

The Esterhazy Community Museum
Box 1744, Esterhazy, SK, S0A-0X0
306-745-5406 (leave a message)

Your response may be published and your name will be withheld.

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