Charity Golf Classic 2015 – The Golf


The 2015 Charity Golf Classic took place on the afternoon of Monday, September 14, at Carlton Trail Regional Park Golf Course. Thankfully, the weather behaved this year, delivering what forecasters like to call “A mixture of sun and cloud.” Having said that, it was easy to remember the circumstances of one year ago, when the golf portion of the annual event was cancelled due to the horrendous flooding of Esterhazy Golf Course. Unfortunately, the course at Esterhazy is still recovering, hence the change of venue to Carlton Trail.

Tee-off was around 8:30 in the morning, and by the time EsterhazyOnline arrived at the course, most holes were in play, with golfers either showing their skill or lack thereof. Friendship and fun flowed liberally as golfers enjoyed their time together, and there were times when a wee drink helped to keep spirits high as the ball skirted a hole, while somehow refusing to pop in!

Of course, it’s all for a great cause. Behind the fun, friendship and sportsmanship, there’s fundraising and the firm intention to “keep on keeping on” until the new hospital at Esterhazy is a reality. May that day arrive soon!

Later in the evening, the second part of the event took place, namely the meal and speeches. We shall report on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are around 100 pictures taken at Carlton Trail today. Normally we thank our Platinum sponsors for supporting our photography, but today we thank ALL of the golfers and supporters for continuing to get behind the funding of the community portion of the new hospital. Watch for tomorrow’s article to reveal how much was raised this year.

Open the gallery by clicking any thumbnail below.

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