Riding, Rolling and Walking for good causes


The area around Esterhazy museum was pretty busy today. At 8:00 a.m. a group of intrepid roller bladers and cyclists were gathering there, getting ready to head off on their roll-a-thon in support of the Our House addiction recovery program. Their route would take them out to Stockholm and back, stopping for rests along the way. For more information about Our House, see yesterday’s article HERE.

A few hours after the Our House Riders and Rollers had headed out, it was the turn of the Walkers to show up, along with their furry friends.  This was The Purina® Walk for Dog Guides, brought to town by the Esterhazy and District Lions club. Owners had brought dogs of various sizes, colours and breeds to enjoy a beautiful late-summer walk around the historic park. For more information about the fundraising initiative, click HERE.

After each event, the respective groups returned to the museum area to share a barbecue meal. It’s good to know that the spirit of service, and giving to meaningful programs, is alive and well in this area.

We managed to grab a few pictures from each event. Open the viewer by clicking on any image below.



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