TVRC Rodeo in 170 pictures!


The Twin Valley Riding Club held their Annual Bullarama and Rodeo over the weekend of August 29/30, and once again it was a superb way to wrap up the Summer holidays!

EsterhazyOnline made it out for the Sunday rodeo, and with the camera using up disk space like it was going out of fashion, we ended up with 1500+ pictures to wade through before culling it down, and editing the gallery you’re about to enjoy. So, go put on the coffee, and then come back and enjoy this fine collection of 170 pictures.

Once again, we appreciate our Platinum sponsors for supporting our photography. Thanks to Kevin Zazula, Pharmasave Esterhazy, North Valley Credit Union, Crushrite Concrete, and the former Maple Communications.

Open the viewer by clicking any image. You can use the viewer to see the whole collection by clicking on the right side of the screen when the viewer is open.

One response to “TVRC Rodeo in 170 pictures!

  1. Great pictures!!! So many pictures of kids smiling…what it’s all about. Thank you so much for these!

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