Keeping an eye on things…


Sometimes a photo is too good to miss. Driving out of Esterhazy this afternoon, I spotted this majestic bird of prey taking a rest on a hay bale on the western edge of town. I turned round and went back, hoping it would still be there. Thankfully I had one of my cameras with me, and was able to capture this image.

While I admit I am quicker at identifying aircraft than I am birds, I think this is most probably a Red-Tailed Hawk. It’s a fairly common bird across the Americas, from Alaska down to Panama. It can survive in deserts, grasslands, forests, fields and even urban areas. It’s also legally-protected in Canada.


There’s so much around us to see, if we just keep our eyes open! And actually, that’s what this bird was doing. Seconds later it took to the air, swept down into the field and came back up with a mouse in its mouth. Unfortunately, I missed getting a good close up of that!

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