Travis achieves personal best in North American Powerlifting Championships

travis-15-1Travis Campbell, the amicable local Powerlifter, recently achieved a whole series of personal bests when he competed in the North American Powerlifting Championships, held this year in Moose Jaw.

The event took place on July 10, and drew more than 160 competitors from across the USA, Canada and Mexico, with participants ranging from 15 to 81 years old.

Travis competed in the 93kg Junior Powerlifting Equipped Class, and placed second. More important than his placement was the fact that in all three events (Squat, Bench, Deadlift), he achieved personal bests as follows.

  • Squat 220 kilo (485 lb)
  • Bench 157.5 kilo (347 lb)
  • Deadlift 235 kilo (518 lb)

Travis also explained that he managed to achieve something almost unheard of in the sport. In all nine lifts across the three events, the judges thought his performances to be flawless in terms of style. Such an accolade demands that the lifter demonstrate proper form, with no bouncing of weight, no imperfections, and no downward motion of weight during the lift itself.

Looking ahead, Travis has his eyes on not only the North American Championships again in 2016, but also the World Championships. Just to get into the North American event requires a written resume to coaches, finishing first in at least one national event, and being ranked top pick from the resumes received. So, what will it take to get to the World Championship? Travis is not completely sure yet, but he’s looking into it with high hopes!

Well done Travis.




One response to “Travis achieves personal best in North American Powerlifting Championships

  1. Herb and Carol Lacroix

    Congratulations Travis,we are very proud of you, that was a real accomplishment .
    All the best in getting into the North American and World competitions .

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