Crop Report – July 28 to August 3

GOVTHarvest has begun in some parts of the province, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Weekly Crop Report.  Less than one per cent of the provincial crop has been combined, while one per cent is ready to straight-cut.

Twenty-three per cent of fall rye, 10 per cent of winter wheat, five per cent of field peas and two per cent of lentils are now in the bin.  Two per cent of canola is now swathed.
The province received a lot of rain last week, which has lodged many crops and flooded some fields and yards.

Topsoil moisture conditions have improved in many areas, thanks to rainfall that ranged from small amounts to well over six inches.  Provincially, topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as four per cent surplus, 69 per cent adequate, 24 per cent short and three per cent very short.

Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as two per cent surplus, 58 per cent adequate, 33 per cent short and seven per cent very short.
Livestock producers now have 80 per cent of the hay crop baled or put into silage, while an additional 12 per cent is cut and will soon be ready for baling.  Hay quality is rated as three per cent excellent, 53 per cent good, 36 per cent fair and eight per cent poor.

The Ministry of Agriculture has a Forage, Feed and Custom Service listing for producers to advertise and source feed products.  It is available at

Pasture conditions are rated as one per cent excellent, 32 per cent good, 38 per cent fair, 23 per cent poor and six per cent very poor.

Some crops were damaged this week by strong winds, heavy rain, insects such as aphids and lack of moisture.

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