Cool play, hot day – In the park


Embrace Theatre of Saskatoon brought their traveling play “Saskatchewan Outdoors” to Esterhazy’s Historical Park this afternoon. Under a blisteringly-hot sun, with nothing in the way of shade, the audience (ranging from kids to seniors) clearly enjoyed what turned out to be a really cool performance.

The company was made up of:-

  • Charlie Peters (play director)
  • Shelby Lyn Lowe (originally from Esterhazy)
  • Emma Thorpe
  • Dakota Hebert
  • Chris Donlevy

The theme was simple. Take two city-loving teenagers and take them on a vacation with their dad into the wilds of the Saskatchewan Outdoors, where neither cell phones nor radios even work. Then, watch as these city-slickers gradually learn to appreciate the wonders of the situation in which they find themselves.

With only 30-minutes to work with, they play does not get into great depth, but it does provide laughs, and insight into the mind of the modern teen, along with great acting, and some songs – including “Prairie Sky”, by Esterhazy’s own Katie Miller.

Kudos to those who brought the play to town, and to the actors for a great performance.

Enjoy the collection of pictures in the gallery below. Open the viewer by clicking any image. Our thanks to our own Platinum sponsors for supporting our photography (NVCU, Kevin Zazula, Crushrite Concrete, Esterhazy Pharmasave). Embrace Theatre is given permission to use these images any way they want, but please credit if used in print or online.

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